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iPads help perform surgery, capture history


Not satisfied that the magical and revolutionary Apple tablet is helping marine mammals communicate their displeasure with the despoilage of the majestic oceans? Fortunately, the iPad is no unitasker; it's being put to good use in both inner and outer space.

First up, CrunchGear points to this video of Japanese surgeons using the iPad as a display for reference during an operation. The iPad appears to show CT images and possibly a video loop as well; it's covered with a sterile plastic drape. Any translation efforts welcome -- and if other physicians are using the iPad in similar fashion, do let us know.

Second, photographer Scott Audette sent a note to let us know he was able to use the iPad, in combination with some wireless camera control tech from Canon, to manage a remotely positioned camera and capture images of the final scheduled launch of space shuttle Atlantis. The full rundown on gear and configuration is on Scott's blog, and it's quite a read.

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