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Portal 2 E3 event cancelled and replaced by a 'surprise'

In one of the most entertaining PR missives we've received recently, an Aperture Science memo (via Valve) has revealed that the Portal 2 event originally scheduled during E3 at Los Angeles' Regal Theater has been canceled. The game itself will still be showcased at Valve's booth, but whatever shenanigans that may have been planned for the event have been put on the back burner.

Of course, E3 won't be completely devoid of Portal 2-themed monkeyshines. The memo promises, "the event will be replaced by a surprise," adding, "the cancellation of the event is not THE surprise," and furthermore insisting, "the time, date and content of the actual surprise will only become available as you experience the surprise." After a build-up like that, whatever this surprise might be, it better be awfully surprising.

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