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Rumor: Hulu coming to Xbox Live, currently tied up in red tape


It's probably fair to say that few things would excite internet dweebs like us more than television and film streaming service Hulu arriving on a gaming console already connected to the internet and, more importantly, to our televisions. Tech site Gear Live has a rumor that Hulu streaming functionality is coming to the Xbox 360, to be announced at this year's E3. 1UP has a similar rumor that reads "a Hulu application for the Xbox 360 definitely exists" -- unfortunately, said application is allegedly being held back by rights issues with Hulu's content owners (read: NBC, CBS, etc.).

Both sites source an anonymous person "close to Microsoft" as the origin of the rumor -- perhaps embittered soon-to-be ex-employees Robbie Bach and J. Allard have hit the streets with huge leaks?! Yeah, we don't think so either. Regardless, we've reached out to Microsoft for the inevitable "We don't comment on rumors or speculation," but we'll let you know what the company officially says of the rumors if we hear back.

Update: Microsoft responded with "We don't comment on rumor or speculation." Surprise!

Source - 1UP
Source - Gear Live (Via Engadget)

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