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Details announced for clan wars in World of Tanks

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

As development continues on World of Tanks, has been offering more detailed information on gameplay and design. The latest news is all about clan wars, the World of Tanks version of PvP.

Clans of 50-100 members will duke it out throughout hundreds of provinces on a global map of 1940's Earth, fighting for control of territory, monetary rewards, and in-game benefits such as special tanks and ammunition.

Nick Katselapov, the producer of World of Tanks, explains the overall goal of clan wars: "We are not going to reinvent the wheel with the clan wars, we are trying to introduce a deep strategic layer into the game by adding a blend of our own innovative ideas and features from such timeless videogame classics as Civilization or Total War series with comprehensive trade relations and economy, well-thought-out diplomatic system and immersive inter-clan warfare. However, unlike traditional strategy games, in World of Tanks the way of your clan to global superiority will be paved with myriads of online battles against hundreds of other teams and thousands of real people, not just AI controlled bots."

World of Tanks is currently scheduled for a fall 2010 release.

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