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Global Agenda's Sandstorm goes live with phase one

Eliot Lefebvre

It's time for some changes over in Global Agenda... big, persistent ones. Hi-Rez Studios has been hard at work on their latest large content addition for the game, and its been in testing for nearly a month. Now the much-awaited event -- phase one of the Sandstorm patch -- drops to the live servers today. It's quite the overhaul, changing everything from the setup of weapons in the game to the persistence of the world map.

For those feeling a bit overwhelmed by the scope, we've written our share of coverage including an analysis of the upcoming changes and a chat with Todd Harris about the patch. In brief, the changes are aimed at making Global Agenda closer in scope and feel to a classic MMO while retaining its skill-based and energetic combat system. How they'll actually play out remains to be seen, but thus far the developers seem to know what they're doing. Brush up on the changes and the scope, or just jump in game and start exploring them for yourself.

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