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Hard Corps: Uprising is new Contra for XBLA and PSN


It's Contra in all but name. That's what IGN asserts about Hard Corps: Uprising, a new PSN and XBLA run-and-gun expected for release this year. Despite the fact that the side-scrolling shooting gameplay we expect from a traditional Contra is present, and despite the fact that this is actually a sequel to the Genesis Contra: Hard Corps (starring the villain!), Konami has chosen to excise the series name from this digital release.

That's not the strangest thing about this game. Development is being handled by Arc System Works, the developer and publisher of the Guilty Gear games and BlazBlue. We'll withhold judgment; after all, it turned out okay when Konami handed the license to the Ping Pals developer. At least with Arc (like with WayForward), we know we're in for great 2D art.

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