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Heroes of Gaia's newest expansion now live

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The second expansion for free-to-play MMO Heroes of Gaia went live last night. The expansion is titled Rise of the Guilds, a name that seems to be awfully popular these days. This one brings new content for all levels of player: "...a new Guild Battle system which will create a deep Guild-versus-Guild competition element, along with personal rankings, equipment forging, a number of new high-level NPCs, and a multitude of new functional and vanity items in the HoG Shop."

The Heroes of Gaia team is expecting a fair number of new players thanks to the expansion, and has opened a new server to accommodate them. The Nemesis server is available now, and will be the site of some special bonus events, prizes, and gift packages available for purchases in the cash shop.

Check out the Heroes of Gaia site for details on Rise of the Guilds.

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