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Is this the Modu T-Phone? (update: yes!)

Chris Ziegler

Modu reminds us a bit of Neonode back in the day -- their products are virtually impossible to find and you don't hear about them terribly often, but when you do, it's almost always interesting news. We'd heard last year that the company would be following its first model with a touch-centric device, and TheGadgetSpot seems to have the straight dope on the new unit, said to be called "T-Phone" with a full touchscreen and a 3G radio. They don't have a date, but it seems Modu is looking at a retail price between $400 and $500 -- hopefully unsubsidized, and hopefully targeting a wider launch than the first time around.

[Thanks, Itai]

Update: Zach from Know Your Cell has pinged us to let us know that the T-Phone is definitely real -- it's pictured on Modu's site and is claimed to be the lightest touchscreen phone in the world (with a Guinness certification to back it up). It'll apparently have 2GB of internal storage along with microSD expansion and will be available both in 2G and 3G models, presumably for different parts of the world. No release date yet, unfortunately.

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