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APB's lead designer talks content, pricing model

Jef Reahard

All Points Bulletin's June launch date is just around the corner, and adding to the hype train is a new video over at GameTrailers featuring Realtime Worlds' lead designer EJ Moreland.

The two and a half minute trailer features a ton of in-game footage accompanied by Moreland's voiceovers, where he discusses everything from the game's PvP focus (there are no NPCs to fight) to the pricing model, to the customization options. "There are no microtransactions you have to worry about with customization. Customization comes with buying the game initially. From then on, the only time there's any kind of transaction fee is when you put something on the marketplace and sell your creativity," Moreland says.

Check out the full video over at GameTrailers or after the jump.

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