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Apple's HTML5 showcase


Apple has published a new Web page meant to promote and show off the features of HTML5. There are seven sites featured in the "HTML5 showcase," each demonstrating a different function: video, typography, a photo gallery, transitions, audio, 360º product view, and VR.

Each demo includes some aspect of interactivity. For example, the typography demo lets you insert and manipulate your own text, while the video lets you scale the movie, apply a mask, and change the perspective. In addition, each demo explains how it was made and offers sample code from the Safari Dev Center.

Note that Safari -- mobile or desktop -- is required.

Apple has picked its horse and is sticking with it. It's a nice demonstration of what can be done with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Here's the money quote:

"Standards aren't add-ons to the Web. They are the Web."

[Via Daring Fireball]

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