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Come play Battle of the Immortals with and Perfect World Entertainment!


You've seen us post about it, and you've seen Perfect World Entertainment boast about it. But have you played it?

Well, if you haven't (or if you have and you like the game, or if you just want to come and play with some developers) then we here at invite you to come mob Battle of the Immortals! Perfect World Entertainment has graciously partnered with us not only to help coordinate, but also to come and play with everyone else! How can you turn down playing the game with the people who helped create it?

Plus, after playing the game, join us in our IRC chat room (, #massively) the next day as we pitch your questions to Clifton Chu, the assistant product manager of the game.

Need details? Follow me after the break and I'll tell you all you need to know about this event!

Where to go?

First (as always), download and sign up for Battle of the Immortals. Once you've done that and have jumped into the game, the pertinent information is as follows:

Event Date: Wednesday, June 9th
Event Time: 7 PM EST - 9 PM EST (4 PM PST - 6 PM PST)
Server: Poseidon (USA-East)
Server Location to Meet In: Atlantis (116,189) on Realm 8

Whom should you add to your friends list?

Kantorek -- Clifton Chu, Assistant Product Manager of Battle of the Immortals
FrankieRaye -- Frankie Raye, Community Manager of Battle of the Immortals
QforQ -- Sam Houston, Social Media Manager of Perfect World Entertainment
TheRealJayVe -- Jason Varden, PR Manager of Perfect World Entertainment
Sephare -- Seraphina Brennan, Senior Editor of

Kantorek will be taking care of all guild invites (as we'll have our own guild) so be sure to message him to be invited to the event!

What will we be doing?

The level 20 instance called Knight's Jail! This, of course, means that you should be at least level 20 by the start of the event! Knight's Jail can also only be run five times per day, so make sure that you don't run it any more than that before the event, otherwise you won't be able to come along!

Luckily enough, getting to level 20 should only take you an hour of gameplay, so no worries. However, it's always best to be prepared before the event starts, and not leveling as fast as possible right before 6 PM.

What's this about an IRC chat with Clifton Chu?

On Thursday, June 10th, Clifton Chu will be dropping by our IRC chat room to take your questions and our questions on Battle of the Immortals! Here is all of the pertinent information:

IRC Chat Server: (accessible from
Channel: #massively
Time: 8 PM EST (5 PM PST)

If you missed the event the night before, no worries! Just bring any questions you have for Clifton, message them to Sephare, and she'll ask the questions during the developer chat!

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