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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M breaks cover, frags competition in 3DMark

Vlad Savov

We told you NVIDIA's all-new superpowered mobile GPU would only fit inside jumbo-sized cases and here's your proof. The Clevo Style Note D900 is neither stylish nor much of a note taker, but boy it's a big, bad gaming machine. That trifecta of fans you see above is cooling the GTX 480M chip as well as a 2.93GHz Core i7-940 -- a CPU that's designed for desktop duty from what we can gather. You won't be shocked to discover this 17-inch desktop replacement rather burned the feathers off some similarly juiced up high fliers, but the difference is of course that laptops like the ASUS G73JH are actually available to buy, as opposed to a pipe dream demo machine like the Clevo. All the same, you might wanna check out this sneak peak before HH does a full review.

Update: Turns out Sager is already offering to furnish you with a GTX 480M-equipped rig that looks very much like this one, including a selection of desktop-class Core i7s. [Thanks, Barry]

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