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3DTV-enabled Super Stardust HD turns up early on UK PSN?


A few UK PlayStation 3 gamers have found they already have access to the 3D version of Super Stardust HD, reporting it "looks gorgeous" and (presumably thanks to the recent update) automatically adjusts the TV to the proper settings and prompts the player to slip on their shutter glasses. While the PSN store only shows a few updates, if you already have the game (and a 3DTV, of course) deleting it and redownloading should nab the new version. Of course, if 2D is the way to play we'd recommend holding off as a few have reported the new edition is limited to 720p resolution only, instead of the original 1080p. While that might be necessary to keep everything exploding smoothly in 3D at 60 frames per second, per eye, we're sure existing HDTV owners would appreciate every pixel they can get, so until we get some official release notes we'd leave this to the early adopting glasses wearers only.

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