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EVE's Alliance Tournament VIII kicks off today


Today marks the start of EVE Online's eighth annual Alliance Tournament. Each weekend for the next three weeks, teams from 64 alliances will face each other on an even playing field where strategy and execution are the deciding factor. Using expert commentators sourced from the EVE community and live video streaming of the event, CCP Games do their best to make the tournament a great spectator sport for the average player. For those that enter the competition, it's a chance to prove that their alliance has what it takes to come up with winning tactics and execute them flawlessly. The first qualifying round is already underway and you can tune into the matches through CCP's live video stream.

The first round continues through today and tomorrow, with the second going live next weekend. In these two qualifying rounds, the 64 teams will be drawn against each other in a knockout-style tournament. 32 teams will make their way to the finals on June 19th and 20th, where they'll clash in a bid to prove their alliance has what it takes to win the big prize. For match schedules and details of how you can tune into the matches live via CCP's video feed, visit the official Alliance Tournament 8 website. If you've missed a fight you'd hoped to see, CCP will be uploading high definition match videos each week as the tournament progresses.

As with previous tournaments, the recognition of making it into the final matches will be matched by an equally impressive prize fund. In addition to a gold medal for winning and 50 billion ISK in prize money, this year's first place winners will go home with fifty limited edition "Adrestia" Gallente heavy assault cruisers, which are sure to be worth a lot on the black market. The team that joins them in the final match will receive silver medals for second place, 25 billion ISK and 50 limited edition "Utu" Gallente assault frigates. The third place winners will receive 25 billion ISK and a bronze medal each, and the fourth place team will get their hands on a still-impressive 10 billion ISK.

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