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Inhabitat's Week in Green: containment domes, robot fish and lunar bases


The Week in Green is a new item from our friends at Inhabitat, recapping the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us.
This week Inhabitat followed the ongoing saga of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as we tracked BP's latest attempt to plug the leak with yet another containment dome. We can't help but wonder why BP refuses to use hair mats donated from thousands of businesses to clean up the slick, but we're glad that the nuclear option is off the table for now. We also looked at one inventor's plan to lead sealife to safety using a swarm of remote-controlled fish-like robots!

Several exciting advances in sustainable development also took place last week, starting with the announcement of this year's Buckminster Fuller Challenge -- Operation Hope! Led by Allan Savory, the organization has pioneered a new way to transform desert into fertile farmland using a whole systems approach to range management. We also watched as London opened the UK's first desalination plant in a bid to secure a sustainable water source -- they'll need it, as 700,000 people are expected to move to the city by 2021. On this side of the pond, California is on the brink of becoming the first state to ban plastic bags - take that Pacific Gyre!

Renewable energy also saw an upswell this week as a recently released report showed that wind could power 35% of the western states without major infrastructure upgrades. Biofuels are also on the rise as a clean burning fuel made from sewage sludge was recently projected to cost just 10¢ a gallon more than petrol. Finally, we followed one Japanese firm's blue-sky plan to shoot for the moon with a massive solar-powered lunar base that beams energy back to the earth.

In other news, we watched the worlds of tech and fashion collide as we showcased 7 celebrities who are pushing the envelope with awe-inspiring examples of wearable technology. We were also wowed by this prototype for a futuristic computer bracelet that would blow Dick Tracy's mind.

Finally, as our Spring Greening DIY Design Contest comes to a close we'd like to shine the spotlight on two of our favorite designs - check out this pint-sized snack serving robot and this stunning crystalline chandelier made from recycled plastic hangers.

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