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New Vanquish trailer shoots, explodes, flips and then explodes again

Based on what we know of the studio's previous offerings, we imagine that somewhere at Platinum Games HQ, there's a keyboard with just five buttons, labeled "Explosion," "Laser," "Ninja Flip," "Giant Robot" and "Overly Dramatic Dialogue." In the case of the most recent trailer for Vanquish, we're pretty sure some Platinum designer, made weary from a long day of toil, fell asleep on said keyboard, filling the trailer with dangerous amounts of these five crucial elements.

You can check out the first look at Vanquish's preposterously fast-paced gunplay just past the jump, though your poor little eyes might have a hard time keeping track of everything. We suggest not questioning where all these bullets are coming from -- just turn your brain off for 101 seconds, and enjoy.

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