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Jeff Strain weighs in on console-specific MMOs

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We might not hear much from him, but Jeff Strain is still hard at work at Undead Labs. We know his project is going to be a console zombie MMO, and the latest blog entry explores the overall advantages of console MMOs.

Jeff points out the cold reception given to the concept of console FPS games way back when, likening it to the skepticism that console MMOs are receiving these days. His feeling is that there are some exciting opportunities for consoles in the MMO market, and points out several in detail. Freedom of movement, an invisible interface, vehicle combat, and a destructible environment are just a few of the things he thinks consoles could add to the MMO world.

It's an interesting look at what console MMOs could achieve -- take a look at the full post and see what you think.

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