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Activision unveils gnarly new Guitar Hero axes for Warriors of Rock

Vlad Savov

Some of you might be surprised that a game as simple as Guitar Hero is on the precipice of its sixth iteration, and others still will just want to know what the latest axe is going to look like it. Well, behold! Today we're witnessing the debut of the new "shredding-friendly" design, replete with cutaway sections in the body and an aggressive, modern look. The cutaways are possible thanks to an internal redesign concentrating the electronics into the neck and fretboard, which will also allow you to swap different bodies around the controller parts. Yes, that does mean you'll be able to play without any body appendages at all, if you wanna be all contrarian about it. Another design, a GameStop exclusive, is also on show, and you can see it just after the break.

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