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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock instruments can be customized


We've heard it said that a musician's instrument is his weapon, especially when his concert erupts into violins. Perhaps that doesn't apply to music game peripherals, but the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock instruments certainly seem edgier than we've come to expect. GameAxis has shown off the new guitar design, which is confirmed by a report on Gizmodo. (How did Activision manage to lose a prototype peripheral?)

According to the report, the wireless guitar's electronics are contained within the neck, leaving the body wings free to be detached and replaced with alternate, possibly even sillier designs. The default guitar (seen above) is only the beginning, with an "axe" design (after the break) set to become available exclusively through pre-order at Gamestop. Wouldn't that be the perfect last-minute addition to your Fellowship of the Ring theme band?

Source -- GameAxis
Source -- Gizmodo

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