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Is the iWork suite en route to iPhone?


Looking for more good news on the iPhone 4 front? Our eagle-eyed tipster iJcaP points out something that MacRumors also noted: on the iPhone 4 features page for Mail, a screenshot at the bottom lets a fairly large cat out of the bag. The picture shows an option to open a Keynote file... in Keynote. That, of course, implies a version of the iWork suite for the iPhone -- currently only available for the iPad.

Screenshot mixup, or true vision of the future? Sure would be another nice thing to have for the iOS 4 launch and iPhone 4 availability, dontcha think?

Update: The screenshot has been tweaked -- see the 2nd half of this post. It now says "Open in 'iBooks'" which is a trifle odd considering the email still refers to a presentation. Seems like this is not Apple's day for keeping things under wraps.

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