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WoW Moviewatch: Pocketkitx of Doomhammer Gnome Challenge


Everyone's getting pretty excited about both the retaking of Gnomeregan and BlizzCon 2010. The excitement also means that folks are putting together events between now and then; these events are chances for the community to throw down, strut their stuff, and really bring it. An example of this, of course, is's own Buffing for BlizzCon efforts with ShrinkGeek. Another example is the Pocket Posse 1 to 80 Level Challenge.

Essentially, the challenge is to start a brand new level 1 gnome and get him or her to level 80 by BlizzCon 2010. Normally, this kind of thing might not be everyone's cup of tea. But Bloodvein Movies has picked up the challenge and is helping advertise the event by presenting the eponymous Pocketkitx of Doomhammer Gnome Challenge.

For a promotional video, this is pretty good. Of course, since it's by Bloodvein Movies, you probably already expected a little bit of eye candy and slick graphics. In terms of content, Bloodvein squeezes in all the information you need to know about the challenge. I might have made the video a little shorter myself, since audiences sometimes have short attention spans. But ultimately, it was pretty cool. I might need to figure out where I set one of my level 1 gnomes.

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