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Dungeon Fighter Online previews class awakenings

Eliot Lefebvre

When Nexon isn't busy buying up smaller companies by the truckload, they've been putting quite a bit of effort into making Dungeon Fighter Online the best game it can be. The sidescrolling brawler format as an MMO is itself fairly unique, but it's sweetened a little with a trailer showing off the next three "Awakenings" for subclasses. At level 18, characters pick their subclass, and that subclass can "Awaken" into a more powerful form at level 48. Soul Reapers, Hellcats, and Machinists are on display in this trailer, each showcasing wonderfully animated attacks of devastating potential.

The Hellcat is the Awakened form of the Brawler, focusing on melee-heavy area damage from all appearances. Machinists come from Mechanics, working with an army of mechanical servants, and Soul Reapers are magical swordsmen derived from Soul Benders. If the trailer lights you on fire, of course, and you can't wait another minute to start playing Dungeon Fighter Online, you're in luck. The game's official launch is on June 9th, but the beta is going on straight until then and characters will not be wiped. Take a look at the trailer (with the pre-Awakening class names rather than the post-Awakening names) past the cut, and see if it doesn't prove a bit awakening all by itself.

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