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Episodic Jurassic Park game due from Telltale this year


The episodic adventure aces at Telltale Games have set sail from Monkey Island and are soon to arrive at Jurassic Park, Game Informer reports. According to the magazine, Telltale has struck a deal with NBC Universal to develop games based on the media giant's properties, with the Michael Crichton created "dinosaurs in modern day" franchise being the first to get the interactive treatment.

The Jurassic Park games will make up one "season," which has -- as GI points out -- historically meant as many as six monthly "episodes" where series such as Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People were concerned. No word on a platform or platforms, but it has been confirmed that what Telltale boss Dan Connors calls "the ultimate cinematic adventure" will be uncaged before the year is out.

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