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Fallen Earth mobile app goes live

Jef Reahard

Those hard-working wasteland crafters over at Icarus Studios are taking the wraps off their latest creation, as today not only brings the new Patch 1.5, but also marks the launch of the Fallen Earth Companion App for Android and iPhone mobile units. Developed in a partnership with AFK Interactive, the app allows real-time access to the Fallen Earth game server and gives players the ability to perform a number of in-game functions on the go.

While life for your post-apocalyptic clone characters couldn't be much tougher, the Companion App makes your out-of-game life a breeze by allowing you to:

  • View the world map
  • Examine character pages and gear
  • Check active crafting recipes
  • Browse auction house bids
  • Chat with clan members and online friends
  • Check in-game mail
  • View Achievements (iPhone version only)
"The degree of mobile interactivity is unparalleled. Players now have the ability to interact with the live game server in ways that, until now, weren't possible without a PC," said Icarus CEO Phil Hall. In addition to the launch day functionality, Icarus and AFK are already planning future upgrades, including the ability to buy and sell from the auction house, send in-game mail and attachments and craft new items.

You can pick up the Companion App via iTunes or the Android App Store for $1.99 (USD). The Blackberry version will be available in the coming weeks for $2.99.

Want to see it for yourself before buying? Check out our exclusive video presentation of the app on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms right after the jump.

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