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Final Fantasy XI accounts compromised

Eliot Lefebvre

With the highly anticipated June version update just around the corner, the last thing that Final Fantasy XI players want is something to distract them from the promise of wonderful things in the near future. But it's hard to ignore something as significant as a security breach, and that appears to be what has happened to the game. According to an official statement from Square-Enix, an external attack on their servers resulted in a potential compromise of some of the game's account information, although the statement was quick to point out that no payment information was violated.

That alone would be bad, but the actions taken by Square-Enix to inform players have been a bit haphazard, including prolonged outages of the North American customer service department. Many players have had their passwords reset, in some cases resulting in their accounts being outright locked with no way to regain access. Players are encouraged to check their email and ensure that they can still log in to the game as before, and to contact customer service if they're unable to log in to Final Fantasy XI or the PlayOnline service.

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