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Max Payne 3 delayed beyond October; L.A. Noire & Civ 5 still due this fall


We have a winner! Well, a "winner." Back in March, Take-Two named four titles: Max Payne 3, Mafia II, L.A. Noire, and Civilization V, and floated the possibility that one of them would be delayed out of fiscal 2010 (which ends October 31). Today, the publisher revealed that the near-illusory Max Payne 3, which had already faced a delay, was the one.

No further specifics about the delay were revealed in the company's earnings release, but Take-Two affirmed that the other three titles are still on track. Mafia II currently has a release date of August 24, and L.A. Noire and Civ V are set to be released in the fiscal fourth quarter -- which means they should be out by the end of October. Though, just because Max Payne took the (slow-motion) delay bullet this time doesn't mean the other games are entirely safe.

Update: Take-Two CEO Ben Feder addressed the delay in a related investor call. "While we do not take the movement of any title lightly, our recent success with Red Dead Redemption illustrates the importance and the benefit of giving a title the time it needs in order to fulfill its potential in the marketplace," he explained. "The team at Rockstar is focused on making this the best experience in interactive entertainment."

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