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Sony: PSP Go 'experiment' revealed consumers' love of physical media


Speaking to MCV, SCEE CEO Andrew House categorized the digital-only PSP Go as an experiment of sorts. "One of the reasons we launched PSP Go was to understand where that consumer behavior was going," House said. "We were getting signals from consumers that this was the kind of device that they wanted. But we need to recognize that consumers like their packaged media library."

Of course, House is omitting most of the reasons that the PSP Go isn't the best value proposition. Sure, people like to collect and display game cases and other retail bonuses. But they also like buying games on their release dates, rather than several weeks later -- or not at all -- as is the case with many digital versions of PSP games. They also like having the choice between digital and packaged versions of games, as is possible with every version of the PSP hardware but the Go. What they don't like is paying an $80 premium for the privilege of being limited only to digital releases.

We admit, we haven't commissioned as much research into consumer behavior as Sony has -- but we think we have a handle on this particular phenomenon.

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