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WoW Moviewatch: Theory of a Death Knight is President of Blizzard


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Do you remember Theory of a Death Knight? In the original movie, a death knight is totally rocking out to some hardcore metal when a blood elf stops the performance and demands to know why they must always perform such morbid music. The death knight takes this feedback exactly how you'd expect a hardcore awesome death knight to take it, and eventually finds himself a job. Now, it seems like Myndflame is telling the next step in Theory's journey with Theory of a Death Knight is President of Blizzard.

This new installment is pretty short, and continues the tradition of Theory being a high intensity, high volume character with some strange ideas. It's a quick gag short, so don't try to read too much into it. I do find Theory becoming one of my favorite characters, though, so I hope he keeps popping up.

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