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Xbox 360 controller dictates R/C racer on video

Sean Hollister

At this point, off-the-shelf Arduino microcontrollers aren't anything special, and honestly, neither is an Xbox 360 gamepad that manipulates them over USB. What is special, however, is the dedication that turned this unassuming R/C car into a reality-blurring 3D racing videogame. Like any Xbox 360 racer worth its salt, the triggers make this car stop and go, the left analog stick aims the front wheels, and the right stick offers full camera control. Though the wireless camera's a little wonky and the Bluetooth modem's range is limited, a video demonstration proves it capable of canine annoyance from an adjacent room. Think of the potential with a proper sidewalk racetrack... and some turtle shells. Video after the break, code to roll your own at the source link.

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