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Chin Hua solar glass generates electricity, lets (most of) the sun shine in

Tim Stevens

Putting solar panels on the roof will do your energy bill a lot of good, but won't necessarily help any other aspect of your house. Install a fleet of solar windows, however, and you could have more natural light to go right along with your additional enviro-smugness. At Taipei's International Optoelectronics Week, the Engadget Chinese crew caught sight of the Chin Hua solar window, a small, slightly foggy pane that delivers 2W of light in the configuration you see above. The glass can apparently be manufactured with more or less haze, delivering greater or lesser solar power efficiency. This means you could install the most efficient windows on the side of your house facing your nosy neighbors, making you feel better about the environment and better about not bothering to put on pants in the morning.

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