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Mytheon introduces lifetime subscription package

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

After months of wrangling over development and source code followed by a lawsuit that was settled in record time, True Games and Petroglyph are moving quickly to meet Mytheon's planned launch date of July 13th.

The latest announcement from Mytheon comes in the form of the "Champions of Mytheon" purchase option, a lifetime subscription offer with plenty of extras. There are 2,000 Champions packages available, and well worth it for those who pay the $129.99 price tag.

Champions of Mytheon includes a long list of extras both in-game and out, from a t-shirt, hat, keychain, and poster, to early game access, exclusive weapons, and even a mention in the game credits. Check out the Mytheon site for the full list of items included with the lifetime package.

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