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One Shots: Ice is civilization

With the summer heating up, there are tons of MMO spaces you can retreat into from the comfort of your air-conditioned home. Of course, if you love danger with your resource harvesting, you could mine some frosty ice in EVE Online. There's some seriously good ISK to be made for pilots willing to spend the time hunting it down and fighting off anyone else trying to kick you out of your mining spot -- or out to snitch your cargo.

Today's cool EVE Online One Shot comes to us from Andrew, who writes in to tell us a bit more about why ice is so nice in EVE: "[This is an image of] a Mackinaw class Exhumer mining ice, which will be refined into hydrogen isotopes, heavy water, and liquid ozone. Compounds like these are used to fuel the thousands of star bases across New Eden." You can imagine the demand.

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