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Panasonic announces 46-, 42-inch plasma 3DTVs for Japan


So far, Panasonic's well-reviewed (and naturally, 3D capable) 2010 V-series plasmas have been exclusively a 50-inch and above affair, but it's just announced 46- and 42-inch versions for Japan priced at ¥350,000 ($3,833) and ¥300,000 ($3,285), respectively. Due July 30, it's a fair bet they'll make their way over here in a similar time frame (and with predictably lower MSRPs) just like their larger brethren. Panasonic has reported brisk sales of its initial 3D televisions, but as production ramps up and supply expands, TVs like these are a better fit for many rooms -- and budgets -- so with 3D channels and gaming ready to appear, we'll be eyeing their reception by consumers especially closely.

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