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Reuters: Hulu plans to expand to iPad, Xbox 360, offer subscription service


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We've already heard rumors of Hulu coming to the iPad and Xbox 360, and rumors of a subscription service, and it looks like those might now all be coming together. According to Reuters, two sources and "another with knowledge of the matter" say that Hulu will be rolling out to "multiple devices" in the next month or two -- only the iPad and Xbox 360 are mentioned by name -- and that it will indeed be offering a subscription service. As we had heard, the subscription service would apparently only be for older episodes of TV shows and other content -- you'd still be able to watch new episodes of shows for free -- and it sounds like it will apply to Hulu as a whole, not just those aforementioned devices. Not many more details than that, unfortunately, but this does certainly seem to be taking on a feeling of inevitability.

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