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Sprint voice service down in New York City (updated with official statement)

Chris Ziegler

We certainly don't want to point the finger at a wildly-successful EVO 4G launch just yet, but it seems that Sprint's voice service is down in New York City (data is still working, for what it's worth). This is happening consistently for three of us here in the city with EVOs on hand, so it certainly seems like a real problem. We're reaching out to Sprint for comment and we'll let you know what we hear.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: And we just got this from Sprint --

"One of our VoIP switches in New York did experience an equipment failure earlier today causing some traffic to be rerouted to another switching location during the repair process and resulting in call congestion for some Sprint customers. Our network operators are working aggressively to resolve this issue and hope to have service back to normal soon."
Let's hope those glorious EVOs resume normal operation shortly.

Update 2: Looks like we're back online, at least intermittently.

Update 3: Sprint tells us that service was 100 percent back to normal as of 4:15PM ET. Carry on, folks!

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