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Asheron's Call shifts gears in latest update

Eliot Lefebvre

It might show its age a little, but Asheron's Call is one of the oldest MMOs still running, and it continues receiving regular content updates from the fine team at Turbine. June has brought with it another huge influx of new content, starting with the inclusion of an entirely new race known as Gear Knights. These clockwork entities interact with gear in unique ways, requiring them to integrate their armor directly into their being. The addition of a new race carries with it a free extra character slot, as well as some introductory fiction explaining these new arrivals.

Not content to simply add a new race for free, however, Turbine has also put the Town Portal Network into play, updated the landscape textures, and added several other improved touches to the game. The full hub for June updates is located here, and the full patch notes can be read here. Amidst everything else going on at the studio, it's good to see that Asheron's Call is still high enough on the priority list for some impressive upgrades.

[Thanks to Greg for the tip!]

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