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Avalanche Studios working on licensed action game


Avalanche Studios is working on a new action game, according to studio head Christofer Sundberg. Rather than another Just Cause, this new game will be the start of a new franchise -- a licensed one, in fact.

"I can't talk much about our next project, but it's definitively within the action genre," Sundberg told CVG. "But we have made a move towards the more controlled experience to better convey a strong storyline." Of course, "more controlled" than Just Cause 2 is an apt description of pretty much every game ever made. "We'll never leave our big game worlds and spectacular explosive action, though," Sundberg promised. He called the as-yet unannounced licensed project "perfect" for the studio.

It's not Toy Story -- that's for sure. That's already in the hands of a different Avalanche.

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