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"iPad in iBook" stand merges past and present


An enterprising Japanese iPad owner, who blogs under the name Dark General, decided to take matters into his own hands when he couldn't find an iPad stand that he liked. He took an old iBook G3 clamshell case and gutted it, replacing the LCD screen with the iPad and the iBook's keyboard with Apple's most recent USB keyboard. The result is the aptly-named "iPad in iBook" stand.

It's a pretty cool setup, and it shows you just how far Apple has come in design -- and tech in general -- since the iBook G3 premiered eleven years ago. In 1999, "iBooks" were the latest and greatest in laptop hardware; in 2010, "iBooks" is a Multi-Touch software application that lets you carry tens of thousands of books around with you in a device that's thinner than the iBook G3's lid. Want to make an iPad in iBook stand yourself? Dark General has a walk through on his blog (Google Translation).

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