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Moonlight Online releases developer diary and art

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

There's been quite a bit of curiosity regarding IGG's upcoming vampire MMO, Moonlight Online. The original announcement came at the end of March, and that was all we heard until now.

IGG has released a developer diary detailing all sorts of game creation details which serves as an overview of what the game will be like. The diary includes information on basic game mechanics such as camera rotation and UI control as well as gameplay-oriented details like the differences between humans, werewolves, and vampires. The historical look depicted in the accompanying artwork seems to indicate that we're safe from anything with a sparkly Twilight feel to it, so follow along after the jump for the Moonlight Online developer diary.

The development team behind IGG's first vampire-themed MMORPG, Moonlight Online, is hard at work on the game. They took just enough time out to send along details about the dynamics of character movement and the concepts behind the Moonlight universe and its inhabitants, so sit back and enjoy!

With a 360-degree camera rotation offering a fully 3D gaming experience, players will use both their keyboard and mouse to control the user interface. While developing in-game movement for the three great races, the team is focusing on highlighting the acrobatic abilities that enable parkour-style stunts in real-time combat. The fluid leaps and death-defying feats characters perform in the game may seem surreal or downright impossible, but the visual impact they deliver will be realistic. Vampires will be the epitome of grace and elegance, humans will personify balance and stability, and werewolves will move with all the force of their rage and fury.

What about the look of the game? On what sort of canvas will characters paint their tales in the universe of Moonlight Online? Peace-loving humans will embark on their free-spirited journeys from their rustic farms by the verdant countryside. Savage werewolves begin their feral adventures in the vast moonlit wastelands. The proud and noble vampires will have their roots in a medieval gothic metropolis teeming with opulence and mystery. With a distinct and unique look for each in mind, the team has set out to create breathtaking game landscapes made to fit the three great races.

While the team is spending a great deal of effort on perfecting the tales of the NPCs for the main quests in the key storyline, players will find the lesser-known tales of various mounts and bosses equally intriguing as they complete numerous side quests. What dark past lies hidden in the crimson socket of that skull artifact? The team is devoting a lot of time on weaving stories for these creatures, including anecdotes that will intertwine with all the weird and wondrous glory of their appearances. These will be tales that players will enjoy unfolding.

The development team's goal is to present gamers with the most enjoyable and sensational gaming experience possible in a supernatural world that will both horrify and amaze.

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