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New video highlights character creation in Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

The funny thing about Final Fantasy XIV is that even though it's going to be notably different from its predecessor, most of the previews we've seen have focused on points of similarity to Final Fantasy XI. But the most recent new release of information should help silence some of the comparisons -- it's a video of character generation. While accompanied by something of a silly spy motif, the focus is clearly on creating a character -- and even just with a single Mito'qe, the creator clearly has a great deal of power.

Some of the hairstyles on display will be recognizable to veterans of Final Fantasy XI, some will not -- but the comparisons end there. Characters have a number of different values to adjust, ranging from the obvious (hair styles) to the subtle (you can have separately colored highlights for your hair, if you wish). The YouTube video is embedded after the cut, and it should be an entertaining seven minutes for anyone anticipating Final Fantasy XIV.

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