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Aussies denied APB


The Land Down Under has always been notorious about creating obstacles between perceived violent video games and Australian gamers, but for once, a game title that's denied to the populace has nothing to do with its love of beatdowns.

Kotaku Australia is reporting that All Points Bulletin won't see the light of day in Crocodile Dundee's backyard when it launches elsewhere in July. Apparently, because of its fast-paced gameplay, APB needs local servers to facilitate low latency -- and Realtime Worlds has no plan to open an Australian server. No server, no release. Crikey!

Considering all of the positive buzz swirling about this GTA-like game, it's a shame to see a good chunk of game fanatics denied the basic right of life, liberty and the pursuit of all suspects. Aussies can buy an overseas copy and attempt to play on those servers, but as you might imagine, the ping will make that a frustrating experience.

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