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It came from the Blog: Photo Safari winners


You all made it really, really difficult to choose winners for our very first (but definitely not last) Photo Safari. There were quite a few more than the 10 winners that we'd like to add to our galleries. So many that the Honorable Mentions are still being decided and will be announced next week.

The prizes for our winners are 5 Tiny and 5 Slashdance loot codes, generously donated by Winners have already been sent their codes. The winner list and gallery are after the break.

Photo Safari winners

  • Rezuras - Demon Gate on the Isle of Quel'Danas
  • Remditio - Darrowshire in Eastern Plaguelands
  • Ortraz - Uldaman in the Badlands
  • Lissandra - Dreadmaul Hold in Blasted Lands
  • Peregrines - Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest
  • Bullhonky - Faldir's cove in Arathi Highlands
  • Sarlag - The Thandol Span in the Wetlands
  • Urtbek - Mankrik's wife in The Barrens
  • Eruca - Agamand Mills in Tirisfal Glades
  • Danzigger - Tiragarde Keep in Durotar
Check out the winning pictures below and look for the Honorable Mentions next week.

Gallery: Photo Safari | 10 Photos

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