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Modern Warfare 2 'Resurgence Package' DLC strikes PS3/PC on July 6


Modern Warfare 2's second map pack, the "Resurgence Package," will be ending its brief stint of Xbox Live exclusivity next month. On July 6th, the map collection will be available for PC and the North American PlayStation Network. (European PS3 owners will have to wait until July 7th.) The DLC will likely carry the same price tag as its predecessor: a lofty $15. Included in the package are five maps, including two environments from Call of Duty 4:
  • Vacant -- the wide open Russian office complex from CoD4
  • Strike -- the urban town surrounded by hotels from CoD4
  • Carnival -- an abandoned carnival area with a Ferris wheel, fun house and other attractions
  • Trailer Park -- full of "super tight corridors" and featuring a pool
  • Fuel -- a "sniper haven" based in and around an oil refinery
It's too bad Infinity Ward couldn't get the new map pack out in time for the Fourth of July weekend. We're pretty certain we know exactly what CoD fans are planning to do then.

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