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Set sail for Uncharted Waters Online


Look out, Pirates of the Burning Sea -- there's a new challenger on the high seas! Publisher CJ Internet and developer TECHMO KOEI are bringing Uncharted Waters Online to North American and European shores after a three-year run in Japan and Korea. Set during the Age of Exploration (1400s-1600s), players will pilot ships, conquer cities and engage in a complex economy, all in an effort to propel their chosen nation to victory. Because it is three years old, this free-to-play title should offer a greater amount of stability and content than most new MMOs.

It looks as if there's a decent amount of character options in Uncharted Waters Online as well. Players can pledge allegiance to one of six nations -- England, Dutch Republic, Ancient Régime in France, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Portugal, and Republic of Venice -- and live the life of an adventurer, merchant or soldier. The combat and conquest aspect of the game has a tight symbiotic relationship with the economy; for example, if you want lower taxes in port, it's best if your country's flag is flying above it.

We'll be seeing more about this title at E3, but in the meantime you can check out the teaser trailer after the jump and our gallery full of screenshots and concept art:

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