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TheSpeedGamers taking on every Mario game (no, seriously, all of them)

We're approaching charity gaming marathon season, in which kind-hearted folks spend their hard-earned vacation days playing a series of video games without respite or pause. The Mario Marathon guys are set to kick off their franchise playthrough in a little under two weeks -- before that, though, the prolific, altruistic team at TheSpeedGamers is attempting a similar feat: They're currently playing through every single Mario game while collecting donations for ACT Today, a group which helps families pay for the care and treatment of their autistic children.

Maybe we weren't explicit enough in the preceding paragraph: They are playing every Mario game. Every one of them. At the time of this writing, they're playing Mario Kart 64. Monday morning, they're going to play Hotel Mario. When given the choice between going big or going home, the folks at TheSpeedGamers clearly chose the former.

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