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Red Dead Redemption updated, multiplayer connection errors fixed

Rockstar launched an update for the 360 and PS3 versions of Red Dead Redemption yesterday which fixes, among other problems, a few connection errors which rendered the game's multiplayer component unplayable for some users. It also includes support for a "Hardcore Free Roam" mode that disables auto-aim. This new gametype will launch soon, but the update is available right now. Check out the full list of changes included in the patch below.

  • Resolved various NAT incompatibility issues
  • Improved connectivity to multiplayer for users with slower connections
  • Improved reporting for Shootout and Gang Shootout games
  • Fixed instance where Mo Van Barr would not appear as a bounty
  • Fixed multiplayer titles not appearing for some users in the outfitter
  • Fixed instance where lawmen stopped responding even though the player was wanted
  • Fixed Issue with hogtied victims disappearing when ragdolled
  • Fixed crash in Free Mode when cooking dynamite and going into the water
  • Fixed audible glitch at the end of some cutscenes
  • Fixed Solomon's Folly Action Area not ending after posse leader teleports in late
  • Corrected Social Club 100% Tracker so stats update properly
  • Various multiplayer issues addressed including load screen hang-ups and UI glitches
  • Eliminated miscellaneous game crashes

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