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Child of Eden coming to Kinect, Tetsuya Mizuguchi leading development


Were you wondering what would make you purchase Microsoft's Kinect? Well, if Ubisoft's Your Shape wasn't enough, Tetsuya Mizuguchi revealed his next game live at today's Ubi presser: Child of Eden. From what we can see, it looks a lot like Rez, albeit with gesture-based controls and much prettier visuals.

No release date was given, but we'll be sure to bug Ubisoft for more details as soon as we can. For now, we've got the official trailer embedded after the break. The trailer also indicates that Child of Eden is coming to PlayStation 3 (as a PlayStation Move game, we suspect).

Update: According to Mizuguchi, it's still being decided whether or not Child of Eden will be a downloadable or retail title.

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