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GameStop listing suggests $150 price for Kinect


The Kinect price has remained elusive, even after Microsoft's E3 keynote, but a new GameStop listing predicts a MSRP of $150 for the product itself -- $299 when included with an Arcade console and $399 with an Elite console. Even Kinect Adventures! and Kinect Sports are priced on the retailer's site: $60 each. It's as if a million gamers cringed and were suddenly disinterested.

It's hardly confirmation of Microsoft's intended price point for the device, but the $150 price point (along with the proposed bundle packages) corroborates a rumor we reported on late last month. We've got troops on the ground at Microsoft's post-keynote session and will try to find out what we can. We'll keep you posted.

Update: Microsoft has told us at the Xbox 360 roundtable this afternoon that they don't plan to announce a Kinect price officially this week at E3.

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