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Sony announcing PS3 bundles with more storage, faster WiFi, and Move?

Tim Stevens

We're just a day away from Sony's official press conference at this year's E3, and CVG has heard rumors from a supposedly reliable source that some refreshed PS3 bundles are on the docket for officialdom. Word is that the new PS3s will pack 802.11n WiFi (up from 802.11b/g currently) and will come in 250 and 500GB flavors. Both bundles are said to be coming with at least one Move controller included, a move (zing!) that Sony had already said it would make, but the word of faster WiFi flies in the face of last week's FCC filing for new bundles still offering only 802.11b/g. So, will a new 802.11n-equipped model become the standard edition, or does this "industry source" not have a clue? We'll find out tomorrow.

Update: Looks as if Sony has updated Move's official online portal with a slew of working titles. Have a peek while we get ready for the full reveal at E3, won't you? Thanks, Tiaan!

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