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THQ announces two new WWE games

As today's E3 festivities kicked off, THQ slipped in a pair of its own announcements: Its catalog of titles based on the world's oldest sport, by which of course we mean professional wrestling, is expanding by a factor of two in the near future. First, WWE All Stars will pit legendary wrestlers against one another. Just imagine: Diamondface vs. Mr. Grabs: The Man With No Fear. We just made those two wrestlers up, of course, because THQ hasn't actually named any specific fighters included in the game, nor do we know enough about the sport to identify the wrestlers in the image above. Aren't you impressed?

The second game is WWE SmackDown vs. Raw Online, a free-to-play PC wrastlin' title with microtransaction support that's being created by Seoul-based developer Vertigo Games. The game is slated to drop in Korea in early 2011 -- no North American release plans have been announced. Hey, come on, THQ! We like wrestling, too! (Well, some of us do.)

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